The Power in a Moment

Today in a workshop I had to sense into a time in my childhood when someone in my life was there for me somehow that felt satisfying.

Oh no, the familiar panic set in, I won’t be able to, I am sure I will not find anything, I thought to myself.

Because have been learning over the years,  I remembered to just pause and wait and if nothing comes that’s ok too.

Surprisingly a very vague small memory came of a few moments or hours – I am not sure – when a lady helped me make a small doll. I do not remember specific details, but my body bought this memory straight away as something really special.

I don’t remember what she looked like or I looked like at the time or how long it took. I remember where we were sitting and what the doll was like – vaguely. But it didn’t matter, what was nice was to notice my body bought that for me when I remembered to be quiet and wait.

I have a sense I was shocked she had spent time with me, only with me…. all by myself!

All that time and presence – just for me.

I could also feel there was kindness and patience too.

This bought many tears for me and also joy. 

There is always one moment, even if it is fleeting and not so clear, that can bring joy.

A moment worthy of celebrating.