A Precious Gift

Sometimes we can’t tell people we’re not ok.

Our experience over time has been that…

we are judged…

told what to do…

shut down…

talked about…


our emotions are not accepted…

people get sick of us being stuck…

They know what’s best for us…

They don’t really listen in a way that is helpful.


So many reasons so we keep it all in.

We get a lump in our throat

A stomach ache

A pain in our chest…

We self soothe by eating, drinking, gambling, taking drugs, self harming, shopping… so many ways to help keep what’s painful inside. 

To stop it from bursting out. 


To be listened to in just the way it needs….

… wouldn’t that be nice?


To be listened to and accepted just as we are…

To let the pain, worry and hurt have some breathing room. 


Then we could listen to the whispers of our own wisdom and find our own unique steps forward… the ones that will come from that small still voice inside.


A priceless gift we can learn to give each other. The deepest most pure listening that can heal – one heart at a time. 


May we be listened to so we can go further from where we are stuck.

May we be listened to so we can be free from suffering.


This is my prayer.

This is my offering.


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