Make peace with your body

I would like to share with you a beautiful intunement between myself and my friend and colleague Sathi Roshan who will be co-hosting our upcoming Chaikhana meeting space.

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Make peace with your body

Through many circumstances we have been cut off from our bodies

We need to learn to listen again to find our own inner wisdom

Our own right way forward

Make peace with your body…

Come back home to your body, your inner compass, your centre…

Feel your feet on the ground…

Sense the contact with the floor…

Sense your knees – both your knees…

Your thighs

The contact with the chair

Back of the chair

Seat of the chair

Your sitting bones

Your hands – both your hands…

Your arms

Your shoulders

…all of that

You don’t have to change

You don’t have to relax

Just feel them…

Whatever is there

There might be sensations

There might be tensions

There might be warm, cold

There might be…..

Anything – everything is okay

Don’t try to change them

Don’t try to modify them

Just be conscious that they are there

And bring a sense of gratitude towards your body


Make peace with your body

This is a body from 50 -60 -70…. so many years

I am living in this body & I have so little consideration

For this body

This body is holding me

This body is supporting me

And I am always fighting with this body

Wanting it to be better

Wanting it to be different

Wanting it to be this and wanting it to be that

Let us make peace with this body

With gratitude

“Oh, thank you my body…

Thank you for holding me”

Allow that sense of love for your body

It is something very important…

To feel that love for your body

Many people hate their body

Make peace with your body

This is a body that can give you children

Make you love

Feel joy

Experience all your senses

Feed your children

Feel how precious this body is

It is quite a miracle

Feel that… how precious it is

Many people have not discovered its possibilities

Like the felt sense

Some people will live 100 years and will die without even knowing what it is

Come back to your body with a sense of gratitude and love

Openness and acceptance

Start to acknowledge that your body is your best friend and that it knows better than anybody outside

Your body has the highest level of expertise, your felt sense, knows better than anybody else what is right for you

We have always been taught to seek outwards for knowledge, for right thing to do, for advice…

…we have not learned to listen inside

It is not the fault of our parents, they didn’t know either

It’s not a question of blaming them

It is that we haven’t learned to turn our attention inside and listen

Now we are learning to listen for inherent wisdom

We are never completely cut off from our felt sense

Sometimes it is in the background – under all our learnings, knowledge, conditioning, shoulds and should nots

But fortunately, it is always there

This wisdom is always there

Let us bring it to the foreground

Let it shine

The more you listen to it the more it becomes confident the more it talks to you

The more you listen to it, have trust in this wisdom

The more it becomes more functional in each moment

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year

Sometimes we need to retire in some silence

Maybe in a corner or a garden, a quiet space

It is like stars in the sky

In the city when its noisy and too bright, we don’t see the stars…

…when we come back to the mountains or the countryside we see so many

When we are back in the widerness of our nature – without thoughts, without learnings and knowings

Without shoulds and should nots…

…then there is a little silence and space so the star dust can be revealed – it was always there

Then slowly some stars become brighter and they can guide us

Certain stars become more in focus and new steps, new insights start to emerge as guidelines

That is your real guidance

We live in the world and there is a lot of distractions in the world

This is called meditation… to come back away from the distractions to the silence and listen

When there is no distractions then you can only see the truth of yourself and your own direction

Your own wisdom will come to you

Sometimes we need to create this quiet around us – like a desert

We have to learn to listen with veneration, with patience, with our whole body

To a little quiet voice inside