Trauma can be…

Trauma can be…

Unfinished process

What didn’t get to happen

What got stopped

Too much, too fast, too soon

Unprocessed hurts





…With no one to hear us,to comfort us, to offer support.


As children we did what we could to deal with what was traumatic- we had to – because the life process is always toward survival. These survival strategies become fixed, even though we no longer need them now.

We survived!


At the clay field – we can’t change what happened – but we can deal with it.

We can reconnect with what was halted in our life  and follow the body’s knowing of what it needs/needed back then. By yielding to the impulses of our body knowing we are able to create new pathways in the direction of more life and vitality that were not possible before.

The body knows what it needed – still needs – if we give it space and the right conditions it will always move toward healing.