About My Work

I work in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia with children and adults. I also work through an online platform with people from around the world.

People who see me have typically suffered traumatic life situations which have not been fully processed, leaving them unable to move forward from where they are ‘stuck’.

In a session, I ask how you would like to start. You might want to put something out straight away, or we can begin with a simple intunement exercise which helps us both to feel comfortable and connected.

I offer a space that is solid and safe, a place where your body can breathe. Like when you learn to drive, you need to know how the controls work, including the brakes, before starting out.

When you have brakes, you have control, and you can stop and come back to yourself if you feel overwhelmed at any time.

When your body feels safe enough and supported enough, then we are in a good place to explore what you would like to work on.

Your body has an inherent knowing of how things should be, like a blueprint inside you.

Together, our job is to give your body time, space and acceptance… it will find the way forward that is implied by this inner knowledge.

It can take a while to get past any strong, resistant patterns that have been cemented in place to keep you safe, but, with time and trust, the survival patterns will let go and the new can come.


My Training & Experience

I hold a Diploma of Counselling with The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and am a qualified crisis support Counsellor.

I am an Initiatic Art Therapist and currently in my final year of study towards a Diploma of Sensorimotor Art Therapy, including Work at the Clay Field®.

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training – Advanced Level.

I have completed 6 Levels of Whole Body Focusing (WBF) training with Glenn Fleisch and am currently training with Kevin McEvenue, the founder of Whole Body Focusing.

I have been studying, and continue to study, Eugene Gendlins Philosophy of the Implicit with Robert Parker, on a weekly basis.

I am a Mum of three wonderful grown up children and am lucky to be married to the most supportive and caring husband. This is my ‘best’ qualification… as well as the hardest and most rewarding.

To practice as a Counsellor I am required to be a registered member of a governing body.

I am currently a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

I am also a registered member of The International Focusing Institute (TIFI).

This all means I am required to complete a certain number of hours per year of professional development and supervision.

I provide a high quality service to all my clients and always abide by the ethical guidelines of the profession.

Confidentiality and respect are completely assured at all times.


Some Common Questions

How can being listened to help me?

When we are responded to and feel the rightness of that response, it can be a deep relief… “Someone has finally heard me, someone actually knows what it is like to be me.”

We can be hurt in relationships and we can heal in them too.

To be able to hear and respond to things that have long been repressed or ‘stuffed down’ is like removing sticks and stones that block a river. You are once again open to life and joy.

What can I expect from a session?

I will ask what you would like to get out of our time together, set an intention and then start with an intunement.

This is where we both pause, slow down and connect.

I will encourage you to come back home to your body, to your inner knowing. To be curious and to notice the impulses, sensations or images in your body while working on current difficulties.

To make space for something new.

You may choose to use art therapy, the clay field or talking and inner inquiry.

The session will unfold as it needs to, always guided by and trusting in your inner process. Each individual is unique and surprising, with sessions unfolding in different ways.

What is needed from you?

It is helpful if you can arrive with an openness and a willingness to stay at the edge of where it is difficult. With a welcoming attitude of kindness, acceptance and curiosity.

It is also helpful if you can check for the rightness of what is being said at all times and be willing to correct me if I am wrong.

To be desiring of healing and change.

To commit to showing up and making an investment in your desire for healing and increased life energy.

“You are not your feelings.

You’re welcoming them, and in welcoming them, you sense yourself as none of those things.

You have them. They’re guests.

You take them in and you give them a room in your guest house.”

Eugene Gendlin