Are you struggling somehow and want to get your life back on track?

Invest in yourself and unload whatever is weighing down your ‘spring of life’… your vitality.

I offer a sensorimotor approach to healing from traumatic situations and living a more joyful life.

Our body knows what is needed.

Just like you know to pull the blankets up at night if you are cold — even when you are asleep.

Like you know when you have forgotten something and get that uneasy feeling — followed by relief when you remember. 

You have a knowing inside you which will emerge when you pause and have some quiet time attending inside yourself.

When you feel your body from inside the right action will come. When you check this with your body it will know if it is right.

Most of us have been taught to listen outside ourselves — to parents, teachers, advertisers — and sometimes the messages have been cruel. Our inner boss is not hurtful so we know when what we are hearing is not ours.

You would not push the blankets off if you were cold!

Many people benefit from this approach because it appeals to your natural tendency for growth and self-realisation and can be effective across a wide range of issues.

“What genuinely arises from within yourself brings the most change. The change that is your own.”