Chaikhana – A space to unfold the wings of our essence.

Chaikhana is a space of connection,

Chaikhana is a SPA for the soul.

Every week we meet with Zero expectation,

We drop in to listen or to participate in a conversation.

Not a conversation that is social or intellectual…

…but a conversation that concerns us, our life and our situations.

A conversation that enables change and transforms our lives.

Every week we ‘hang-out’ with lovely friends and hopefully make new ones too.

Please join us.

Starts: Tuesday September 1st at 7.30pm Melbourne Australia time/3.00pm Agra India time.

Schedule: Meet weekly online via Zoom on Tuesdays.

Cost: First month is free of charge then $40 AUD per month

Hosts: Sathi Roshan and Gabrielle Clark.

Sathi is a spiritual seeker of over 40 years. To be in his presence is always uplifting and transformational.

Gabe has worked alongside Sathi for the last 3 years and is excited to share the process of inner inquiry and transformational conversation with you in our Chaikhana.

For more information please contact Gabrielle Clark or Sathi Roshen via email…