The following services are available for groups…

Focusing for Recovery from Addictions

There is always a solution, you just haven’t found it yet.

A 10 week in-bodied exploration for people wanting to move forward from addictive behaviours.

Let your body show you the way forward from habitual behaviours.

To notice a behaviour is more powerful than to be blindly caught up in it. Noticing gives you space.

Each week we will explore different experiential exercises that will bring awareness to our stuck patterns.

Externalising is the first step to freedom. By stepping away and looking we can gain freedom.

Course runs three times a year — April, June & September.

Sensorimotor Art Therapy – For Self-Awareness and Confidence

Awaken to your full potential with a 10 week in-bodied exploration enabling insight and growth.

Each week we will explore a new art therapy activity that will bring insight and awareness to each individual.

Through a practice of inner inquiry we can sort through and dismantle the old programs that we are stuck in and uncover our true nature of clarity and wisdom.  For an inner directed life with purpose and meaning.

Chaikhana Meeting group (Online Only) – For Spiritual Exploration

The class will be run by myself and my colleague Sathi Roshan.

Chaikhanas are traditional tea-houses.

For this group, as was symbolic for some of the spiritual masters, they represent a place to share and exchange knowledge. A space to expand your horizons,  to reconnect with your wholeness and come to the truth of your wisdom through awareness.

Awareness is the key… the more aware you are the more you are free.

In this group there is no hierarchy… we are all teachers and all students learning from each other.

In this class we don’t teach traditional spirituality but simply help people connect to their own spiritual thread through exploring their own immediate experience.

Times: 7.30 – 9.30pm Melbourne, Australia time and 3.30 – 5.30 Agra, India time.
Classes: start July 3rd

Payment is negotiable and is by donation.

Sathi Roshan is a colleague from Agra in India. He is a spiritual seeker of 40 years and has studied many different spiritual traditions including Sufism, Vedanta, Buddhism and more without attachment to any of them. He has also studied different psychological approaches including bio energy and focusing. His teaching is from the heart and very deeply profound.

Questions? Please contact me for further information!


“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward it’s rightness.”

Eugene Gendlin