Whole Body Focusing
Whole Body Focusing

Whole Body Focusing is a respectful, self-directed way of finding yourself and paving a way forward from where you are stuck.

To start, first you pause and find yourself physically here, supported by something outside yourself — the floor, the chair, gravity.

Finding a way to connect to the support of something larger than all your pain and suffering brings a sense of safety and creates an open space for the way forward to emerge.

From this wider supported place, you can hold what comes and not be immersed in it, but able to be the space where it can unfold.

You learn that you are not your pain and suffering — you have it… but you are not it.

Human beings can suffer many horrific things and survive. This is because underneath everything, you have a place that is not your suffering, but is more than whatever content you have.

When you can be more authentically who you are, you can feel this something larger that can not be taken away.

Whole Body Focusing is one way of learning to trust yourself as okay just how you are.

Whole Body Focusing has been developed by Kevin McEvenue through his work as an Alexander teacher and his work with Eugene Gendlin. ​

I have been working with Kevin for almost two years on a regular basis and continue to do so.

I personally find that it is one of the best ways to find deep healing that is of my own making.

“When we are accepted just as we are it is deeply healing.”