Work at the Clay Field
Work at the Clay Field

Work at the Clay Field is a powerful sensorimotor way of working with trauma.

There is a box of clay, water and a sponge.

Work with adults is with eyes closed and eyes open for children. A person simply follows and trusts that their hands will know what is needed.

With the guidance of a skilled therapist, possibilities open that are surprising and healing on a deep level.

The possibility to take action in the clay field is the opposite of the helplessness experienced due to traumatic events or situations. Our body knows what is needed.

Just as bones can knit together and muscles can heal on their own, so too does your body know what is needed for healing from adversity and trauma.

As with broken bones, sometimes you need assistance to set life right, so it is with trauma. We sometimes need someone solid who can keep us on the right track until we are strong enough to go it alone again.

In Work at the Clay Field, the specific problem or crisis is not the focus, as you discover new awareness and your own solutions through natural impulses and movements. ​    ​

Professor Heinz Deuser founded Work at the Clay Field in 1972 and has continued to develop it further ever since.

For more information please watch the short documentary below which tracks the experiences of a ten-year old boy over several months…